Filosofie firmy UP

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UP originated as Ultralite Products. Today, the Ultralite dimension is still implied in the name, although we are now UP International. Our passion is paragliding, our life is dedicated towards bringing it to you in the safest, simplest form possible.
We are performance-oriented to a World Champion extent, but we would never sacrifice safety for performance – we want flying to be fun!

Our mission is to make the third dimension and bird’s perspective of our wonderful world more accessible, more enjoyable, more safe, for more people, by building the tools that let you reach your personal flying goals. We do this by putting our focus on…
Performance – we want UP wings to have the maximum performance available for their respective purposes, as performance is really what you need to reach your flying goal.
Fun – if you’re having fun then you perform to your own personal max. It goes without saying that you can only have fun under a safe wing in which you have confidence.
UP - airborne sensation